François Desplanches

Grand prix

In Nowy Tomyśl, it is through the international competition that a sense of deep belonging to a large family is able to express itself. From all around the world, in a huge and magnificent hall, they were all gathered there to confront each other and to compete symbolically…

Symbolic competition only, as the competitors take part in no common tests and we can say without any fear of contradiction, that if many talents were rewarded, many more were equally worthy. The exhibits were of an exceptional quality and many of them could have hoped to win the Grand Prix. In fact everyone deserved a prize. The work of the jury, presided by the Polish artist Jedrzeg Stepak, had a far from easy task! Nonetheless it was the jury’s job to separate the 60 candidates, participating in 4 different categories, plus the works sent in by artists who could not be present. Each of the categories allowed a total liberty for each artist to exploit their favourite theme or technique or material. There were 3 prizes in each category and the Grand Prix, won by François Desplanches, crowned them all. This weaver’s modesty is only equalled by his attention to detail, by his taste for a job well done, by his precission and his aesthetic taste. His basket was the synthesis of all these qualities. Simple and traditional it was lifted above the ordinary by the quality of its execution. This is what the jury wanted to underline. François’s baskets were a twin pair of round, geometric baskets, inspired by Irish Sciathog. The baskets are made up of a round frame (upper border), with 4 flat base ribs and 6 lateral ones. The weavers are whole unpeeled willow, in different colours.
The willow, coloured red, green and yellow ochre, create a simple motif. The ribs are made from split lengths of chestnut which are then planed to size and shape. The 4 central ribs are attached to the rim with weavers and overlap at each end. The other ribs are added to the weave just under the level of the rim.


François Desplanches
La Sigonie – 24380 Lacropte – France
Tel: 05 53 08 15 22


Find the full article in Le Lien Créatif, Spring 2016.