Marsh grass eco­museum (Italy)

Under the initiative of “l’Associazione Culturale Civilità Erbe Palustri” (founded in 1985), a place unique in all Europe was born in 2012. In the town of Villanova di Bagnacavallo (Bassa Romagna), was created the “E comuseo delle Erbe Palustri”. Its mission is to collect and to preserve the know­how of the ancients of the region and transmit it to future generations.

In this rich and educational place, a large number of objects made of straw and models of houses are exposed; braiders and weavers animate courses and workshops; cabins were rebuilt in a corner of the garden next to a pond, to show the importance of the five local, herbal stars. In addition to the exhibition rooms, the museum has a projection room, a large dining room and a workshop.

A visit not to be missed!

Ecomuseo delle Erbe Palustri
Via Ungaretti, 1
48012 Villanova di Bagnacavallo (Italy)
Tél : 0545 47122­47951


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