Arts de vie sauvage, gestes premiers


Wild arts, first steps

Authors: Bernard Bertrand, Kim Pasche
Publisher: éditions de Terran
ISBN: 978-2-35981-035-6
Number of pages: 232
Dimensions: 210 x 297 (mm)
Language: Publication in French




Live in harmony with nature, like the North American Native peoples, or our European ancestors… : is it just a crazy dream?

By re-learning these primitive techniques, the source of a irreplaceable independence and that dream can become a reality. Page after page and step by step this book immerses the reader in these techniques permitting the reader to learn these precious and original arts.

Starting a fire, making fishing nets, a bow and arrow and off you go! Kim Pasche and Bernard Bertrand invite us all to share their experiences and nature’s gifts, as they lead us through a meeting with nature and the pleasures of living simply.