Essentiel de vannerie spiralée & Les veillées dans la tête


Spiral weaving and night musings

Author: Didier Chabot
Publisher: éditions de Terran
Dimensions: 12.7 x 20.3 cm
Number of pages: 125
Language: Publication in French



It was from the elders of his village that this experienced weaver learnt the age old techniques of spiral weaving… Without nostalgia, but with the desire to relive the simplicity and happiness of the past, he weaves his story, mixing his know-how and souvenirs from his childhood, with the moving story of his desire to “work with his hands”. His story is a literary treat, but also a very practical guide …

Technical drawings and illustrations drawn by the author.

Essentiel de vannerie spiralée from lvs2 on Vimeo.