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Publication: Autumn 2015
Number of pages: 16 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 (mm)
Language: French only

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Alphabetical index of topics covered by Le lien Créatif (numbers 1-12)

With 12 numbers and 2 free special editions already published, in 3 years le Lien Créatif has become an irreplaceable documentation resource which the weavers, both amateur and professional, can use to satisfy their curiosity and as a source of inspiration.

But how to find the information sought in the almost 900 pages? It was essential to create a tool to exploit this unique source of information… Now it’s done with this first LLC index!

This index A to Z will allow you to find, in a few tens of seconds, the subject, the definition, the tutorial, portrait or picture that you need.

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