La Vannerie dans tous ses états


Basketry in all its states

Author: Sylvie Bégot
Publisher: Gallimard
ISBN: 978-2-07-261949-6
Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm
Number of pages: 112
Publication: November 2015


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Basketry in all its forms presents a varied range of the basketry techniques practiced in Europe and Asia, with natural materials such as rattan, iris leaves, dogwood, as well as recycled materials (old newspapers, plastic straps packaging)… An exercise that Sylvie Bégot brings within the range of everyone, with  simple and precise step-by-step explanations, giving the basic and essential techniques, with tips to get started in this fun and creative hobby.

Divided into three chapters – rattan, eco-basket making, wild basketry – the book will allow you to make various useful and decorative objects: baskets, shopping bags, bells, bird feeders…

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An overview of the various European and Asian basketry techniques, with cultivated materials, wild materials and recycled materials. LLC readers will be familiar with the work of Sylvie… You will find in this little volume her style, generosity and creativity, all very practical and richly illustrated. Ideal for those who want to discover new techniques and expand their range of expertise in wild basketry, eco-basketry and rattan work… laid out in three main chapters.

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