L’Art de la vannerie


The art of the weaver

Author: Eva Seidenfaden
Publisher: éditions Actes Sud
Dimensions: 24.6 x 21.6 cm
Number of pages: 123
Book + DVD
Language: Publication in French



From the west of Africa to the west of the Mediterranean and as far as the Perigord (France), this book gives the reader precise and detailed descriptions of how make a range of spiral weaving designs. Eva Seidenfaden has collected the different ways of spiral weaving from the most simple to the most complicated: The spirals are fascinating. I see them as an image of life, the cycle of life: we continue the weave without end but always with little variations. Each time we have made a turn we must start again but we have become a little more experienced. The angles are different and the perspectives more open”, explains the author. She invites us to explore with her this original technique and to meet some of the best exponents of the art: Norbert Faure, David Drew, Marcel Lavaud, Philippe Guerinel and Élisabeth Borch. The last part of the book is filled with objects for the reader to discover and to create for themselves. The companion DVD completes the book and makes the techniques easy to learn.