Le Lien créatif n° 06

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Publication: Winter 2013
Number of pages: 68 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 (mm)
Language: French only

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P-4   News
P-6   You’ve got talent!
P-8   Floral art
P-10 National Weaving Museum Noordwolde (Holland)
P-12 Cross base
P-14 The last fisherman
P-15 Little basket from across the Rhine
P-18 Good advice! Moulds and frames
P-22 Seasons dossier: Long live the willow
P-31 Portfolio: Mister Osier
P-39 Dossier de saison (continued): Long live the willow
P-45 Make a splitter
P-46 Step by step: The nativity scene
P-50 Plant spotlight: Scots pine
P-54 Portrait: Milan Macho, Czech weaver
P-58 Weaving pine needles
P-59 The re-birth of rush mats
P-62 Distributors
P-63 Classified ads
P-64 Address book