Le Saule, la plante aux mille pouvoirs


Willow, a plant of a thousand powers

Author: Dominique Brochet
Publisher: éditions de Terran
ISBN: 978-2-35981-056-1
Dimensions: 16 x 24 cm
Number of pages : 256
Published: April 2016



Discover the willow, a plant of a thousand powers.
This emblematic tree, endowed with a strong symbolism and exceptional properties, presenting a range of interests: throughout history they have been part of our landscape, has been important in medicine, in the fields of handicrafts, of civil engineering and even in heating technology; where it plays a role in depollution, yet despite all this, its principal role is of course in basketry. It is a pionier, ready for the conquest or reconquest of abandoned territories, a “good for any situation” native, which compares well with bamboos or exotic eucalyptuses, a “vegetable material” with a plasticity and versatility without limits.
What is the Salix genus? What are the myths surrounding the willow? What are its ecological uses? What are its attributes for the garden and in nature? Between legends and technical data the author explains, in a book which is practical and richly illustrated, all the facets of this mythical plant. A condensation of willow for the gardener and a descriptive list of the hundred most beautiful willows completes this work for all plant lovers.


For the last thirty-five years, Dominique Brochet, the curator of the national willow collection (France), has been collecting, growing and observing willows in his gardens at Presle, close to Reims, a region of much willow cultivation. This passion came from his studies (graduate courses in horticulture and in alpine ecology), but also an immoderate love for the mountains and their settings, where willows are present at all altitudes. It is as much as a confirmed nurseryman, as a passionate amateur gardener and as an ecologist, that he presents the most varied genus of wood from throughout France and Europe.



Introduction: “Blinda the fruitful”, willow goddess
Part I: willow, a great genre!
Part II: willow, mythical plant
Part III: willow, ecological and useful plant
Part IV: willow in the garden and the wider landscape
Part V: willow for use by the gardener
Part VI: willow, aesthetic plant
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