Le Lien créatif n° 08

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Publication: Summer 2014
Number of pages: 68 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 (mm)
Language: French only

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P2 Address book
P 4 News
P 6 Readers’ letters
P 8 You’ve got talent!
P 10 Plate mat
P 12 A basket Conservatory in Borneo
P 15 Basket qualification in Villeurbanne
P 16 A rush whip
P 17 Dossier: Spain, land of weavers
P 18 Introduction to Iberic weaving
P 22 That Spanish weaving lives on!
P 23 From Asturias in Cantabria
P 24 Cantabrian heritage
P 25 To visit
P 27 Deep in Asturias
P 28 When past and present meet
P 31 José, 87 years young!
P 32 Antonio, Andalusian weaver. Extramadura, land of the chestnut
P 36 Portugal, lost memory. Plant spotlight
P 40 Le coudrier, a true hazelnut!
P 45 Lifting the skein
P 46 In the Belgian hazel school
P 50 The ponette or punnett
P 53 In Asturian hazel
P 56 “Zarzo” plateau
P 58 Lusitan basket
P 64 Classified ads, courses
P 65 Distributors