L’Or de la paille



Golden straw

Weaving straw baskets in Beynat – Preface by Claude Duneton

Author: Marie-France Houdart
Publisher: éditions Maïade
ISBN: 9782916512082
Number of pages: 132 pages
Dimensions: 235 x 218 (mm)
Language: Publication in French



Following a request by the association “Le Cabas de Beynat”, Marie-France Houdart, well known ethnologue reconnue and publisher, specialist of the Limousin region, led the enquiry to at last reveal the story of these famous baskets.

Rich in testimonies, archival documents and photos, this book is a fascinating study that will take you from the late Middle Ages to the XXIst century in the land of the Golden Straw!

“… For all these reasons, I burn with impatience to read this book by Marie-France Houdart. The basket from Beynat! I feel it will be quite a trip for me, a refreshment for the imagination. Maybe not Harry Potter, but a book full of suspense and wonder, with echoes of the songs filled with golden straw, with foliage and wood ferns – “L’aiga de ròsa te fara morir pichona, L’aiga de ròsa te fara morir” … the words off old women with high voices, which, if we insisted, would bring forth tears on our eyelashes, like beads of a very old dew. ”

Claude Duneton

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