Sculpture knife Frost 106


Weaving and sculpture knife, with a fine, tapered blade in stratified steel. Ideal for wood sculpture, with its small quality blade and a large handle for a good grip and perfect control.

Erik Frost 106 (Mora of Sweden)

Total length: 190 mm ­ 7 1⁄2 inches.
Blade length: 82 mm ­ 3 1⁄4 inches.
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm ­ th inch.
Material: Stratified Steel (hardness HRC 61).
Handle: Birch wood, finished with oil.
Sheath: Plastic with belt loop.
Sheath weight: 18g ­ 0.65 ounce.

Made in Sweden.

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Complementary to the book: Le bois, l’outil, le geste…
For beautiful creations… It would be difficult to deny the success of the book Le bois, l’outil, le geste… (literally: “The wood, the tool, the gesture” (in the sense of a manual technique))… As soon as you get your hands on the book, you have the desire to start making something… Something out of wood and with tools! Amongst the tools the author uses, are some precious hollowing knives, which allow him to quickly fashion useful objects: a bowl, a spoon…But, there is the problem, these tools are not easy to find. Which is why Le Lien créatif has decided to offer a range of wood carving knives to its readers. As well as the three hollowing knives and to complete the “set”, there is a special “for carving small objects” pocket knife. There you have it, the perfect tools you need, to make your perfect wooden objects!