Vannerie d’aujourd’hui


Basket weaving today

Author: Sylvie Bégot
Publisher: self published
ISBN: 9782918263043
Number of pages: 74
Dimensions: 200 x 275 (mm)
Language: Publication in French


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Five chapters punctuate this book:

The first, “nature”, will please those who love authentic objects, whose appearance is natural or even rustic. Raw rattan will be the material of choice.

The second, “rattan band”, will seduce the adventurous. The rattan band, which is usually used on its own, is here associated with more rattan which requires another technique.

The third, “garden”,is for dreamers, contemplators of beautiful outdoor spaces. They admire the birds, collect mushrooms and need objects worthy of their treasures.

The fourth, “home”, will please those who want their everyday objects to have a touch of whimsy. In some cardboard is used in others a stone, polished by time, is an agrement.

The last, “baskets”, is a place for expression. The large woven surfaces allow a diversity of styles, rhythms and colours.