Editorial: Transmission, transition!

These lines are being written in mid-January (and translated in March!), at a time when it is still possible to send new year wishes even if you will not be reading them until much later in the year. So, if it is now summer for you, remember that it is the thought that counts.

We have received many new year’s wishes from our readers and it isn’t possible to reply to them all individually. So, to all of you who wrote an unanswered letter or email, firstly please accept our apologies and secondly and finally: “Happy New Year for 2016”.

Through your many letters, often complimentary and always very encouraging, we are well aware that Le Lien Créatif is a rendez-vous for many of you which is full of affection and anticipation! An anticipation which is sometimes felt in our office just before the magazine is due to be delivered, with a certain increase in the number of calls asking “where’s my Mag?”, when we haven’t even shipped them yet!

To quote the Bard of Avon “A very little thief of occasion, will rob you of a great deal of patience.”
In short, friends and readers of Le Lien Créatif you have become a family, a community in the parlance of these days. And it is thanks to you all in great part, that we manage to produce this magazine, with your ideas and your stories you guide and inspire us… So it is with only a few months delay that we would like to also wish you the best for 2016! Now that is done, let’s talk about the magazine’s contents.

Hardly a meeting goes by without someone saying “It must be hard to find the material to fill Le Lien Créatif”. Yet the paradox is that an edition never goes by without us being short of space… This Summer 2016 edition completes the work we have done on the alder buckthorn started in the Spring edition. But it is far from being exhaustive… As to the central dossier on “Woven backpacks”, it is missing a least half the subjects that we have started up to now. There will therefore, soon be a part two to this vast subject. The dossier on “Fruit baskets” which we started in LLC Autumn 2016 has also been frustrating. Readers have sent us ma- terial which we have not yet been able to use and my apologies them, but don’t worry it has not been lost, only put to one side for a day in the future when we have more space. Finally, what can be more easily lost are men and women, with their sometimes strong characters and their very personal experiences. After a difficult time for the crafts, the crisis elsewhere in the modern world has been a time for them to take confidence once again. The men and women with skills are more and more numerous in wanting to pass on their knowledge and love of making things… So we must continue weaving links between the generations and 2016 can be a year of transmission, in anticipating a year of real transition.

Bernard Bertrand

“Transmission, transition!” : Editorial LLC Summer 2016.