Media Kit – Publicity Prices

Editions 2016

N° 15 : March
N° 16 : June
N° 17 : September
N° 18 : December

Every 3 months, 64 pages + 4 cover page, of practical information and original ideas:

  • Dossiers about a technique, a region, a weaving material.
  • Step by step explanations.
  • Reports (portraits of weavers, museum visits, companies, salons, festivals, etc.).
  • Sections on  “culture and history”.
  • News : Calendar of upcoming events (festivals, lessons, courses, meetings, etc.)
  • An address book to help you go further, to find the right materials, tools.
  • Innovations and trends in weaving (land-art, eco-weaving).
  • The section “You’ve got talent”  for our readers.
  • Small ads.
  • And lots, lots more…

All illustrated by quality photographs and articles by professional and amateur authors…



  • A rich past and a vibrant today, but menaced by a modern world which leaves little place for manual activities… But these timeless skills and techniques still have a bright future in front of them.
  • To date there is no magazine dedicated to to this area of creative investigation.
  • There are many amateurs and professionals who are ready to share their precious know-how.
  • Multiple disciplines close to and around natural fibres, wild or cultivated, bought or collected and also recycled and recuperated.
  • The majority of weaving “amateurs” are not aware of the wide range of events (festivals, lessons, courses, meetings, etc.) due to the lack of a widely diffused appropriate publication.
  • The weaving professional: storekeepers, craftsmen and women, teachers and other lovers of natural fibres, lack the communication tools worthy of there name.

The target public

  • Professional and amateur weavers and similar activities, searching for information on this subject, for contacts and communication support.
  • For the amateur weaver looking for the right place to buy tools, books, materials, etc.
  • Collectors and members of the public seeking to learn more about weaving from festivals, lessons and courses.
  • Professionals which use lots of woven accessories, such as ,bakers, florists, decorators, window dressers etc.


  • To create a magazine which is dynamic and resolutely modern and contemporary.
  • To support the renewal of the discipline, make known individual and group initiatives in the field, build on the past history and culture to help create a realistic future for all types of weaving and weavings.
  • To be open to innovations in weaving such as, land art, eco-weaving, living and monumental weaving.
  • To encourage and make known contemporary creations.
  • To create links and dynamics between often isolated practitioners.
  • To make known the true value of manual labour which must receive its just payment.
  • To promote and encourage the activities of all the participants in this area.

Our strengths

  • A thorough knowledge of the subject.
  • The use of “category chiefs” selected because of their experience (rattan, wicker, Land Art, wild basketry, living basketry, etc.).
  • Rapid implementation of a network of resellers (fifty by the end of January 2013).
  • Prospecting: address file listing a large number of participants with an interest in basketry.
  • Participation in a large number of weaving festivals since 2012.
  • Participation in a large number of thematic events.


  • N° 0, special edition, 8 pages : circulation 25,000 copies, in 2012 and 2013.
  • Objectives : print 6,000 examples, for 3 to 5,000 subscribers (over 2,200 subscribers by January 2013), estimated 15,000 readers.
  • Distribution at events, fairs, festivals and through resellers etc.

Publicity prices

Applicable from 01/01/2014. Prices are ex-VAT, per edition, artwork supplied:


Prices are degressive for multiple editions :

  • 2 editions in 12 months = – 15 %
  • over 3 editions = – 30 %

If artwork is not supplied, but iconography supplied (photos, logos, etc.), fabrication and page layout  cost: Full Page = 60 euros ; ½ page = 40 euros ; ¼ de page = 25 euros.

No artwork or iconographic element provided: request a quote.

You can download the rates here: MediaKit2015

Valuation of an ad or placement on the site:

  • 1 photo: 10 €
  • 1 photo + a page dedicated to the advertisement or course: 20 €