LLC English version: our English adventure is ending

With this the 5th edition of the magazine Le Lien Créatif in English and after almost 2 years of hard work, our English adventure is ending because of poor results. To date the bar of 100 subscriptions has still not been reached when we need 600 to break even! We are a long way from our target and so as to not put our little company in financial danger we can go no further.
Right up until the end, we all believed in the idea and have spared no efforts, even to the point of our last special offer which sadly bore few fruits. The English version has never known the sucsess the original French version has had for the past five years.
It is therefore with heavy hearts that we have made this decision.
We would like to take the opportunity of this last edition to thank those who worked so hard on this project, particularly Andrew Perry and Lois Walpole without whome it would not have been possible.
We would also like to thank all of you who had confidence in us and took out a subscription and to finish we would like to offer them the next editions in French (you can write us to Please excuse us for having to end this adventure.

The LLC team